After many years a being finds out that every thing that s/he has done was based on His/Her memory and the memory of the whole world and try to delete his/her memory to see what is going to happen after that.


Puppet Stop motion 
2D Digital Hand drawn


Concept and Realisation: Shadab Shayegan
Animation and Keying: Shadab Shayegan
Voice over: Nava Hemyari
Edit: Farhad Bazyan
Sound Design: Ines Vorreiter
Mixing and Mastering: Ines Vorreiter
Color Correction: Siavash Talebi


Diagonale Film Festival Graz, Austria 2018
Athens Animfest Athen, Greece 2018
Linz International Film festival 2018
Filta Filmtage Wiener neustadt 2019

Film distributor