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I was born in Tehran and received my very first musical lessons from my Father with recorder Flute. my Mother encouraged me to learning Iranian Instrument as I was 8 Years old so I started playing Setar. after going to High school I started meeting Art students and learning about literature and Visual arts. we used to have a lot of Film discussions and learned how to take pictures with analogue camera which has a really big impact on my future way.

as I was 18, Music brought me to Vienna. where I studied Music Composition for three years at University of Music and performing art in Vienna with Periklis Liakakis.

experimenting with music and always trying to visualising the music, gave me the Idea that something is not working and I need a more complete medium which Include different Techniques. Music was for me arranging sounds on specific time and as I tried to Visualised the sounds, suddenly I discovered the Animation , this was a starting point  which gave me space for telling stories, visualising them and put sounds on them.


2015-  studying Animation film
at University of
applied Art Vienna, Austria

2013-2017 Music Composition at University of Music and Performing Art Vienna,Austria

for collabration and complete work proposal don’t hesitate to contact me !

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