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I recently announced a call on Instagram for children who have been quarantined for weeks. I asked that they
send me their paintings and get them back alive (animated)!
I have received many paintings and this is gonna be the start of an animated Internet Series for and by children!



                                                                                                The Moon's birthday
                                                                        Music and Sound Design by Setareh Nafisi


Music by Sheng Fang Chiu
Sound design by Golnar Shahyar

Forms in the Light
Music and Sound Design by Sanam Tahmasebi

Sizdah be dar 
Music by Mona Matbou Riahi

Div (Bogeyman)
Music and Sound Design by Golnar Shahyar

happy new year!
Music by Rahi Sinaki

The Spring is here !

©Shadab Shayegan